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A Trimaran is a unique boat that features a center hull with two outriggers (one on each side) that are affixed to pontoons. These are very stable boats in most types of water and are typically powered by sail. A Trimaran may have a single small sail and be able to hold only one person; or it can be a sea-going vessel with a full cabin and multiple masts.

Many Trimarans are designed for sailing races and are capable of great speeds due to the pontoon stability.

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1 1969 Piver Trimaran 40 Victress
Price : 24.761,80
Location: USA
Price : 4.900,00
Location: Uruguay
Status: paused
Price : 397.470,39
Location: UK
Price : 1.350,00
Location: Indonesia
Status: paused
Price : 31,37
Location: United States
Status: paused

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What types of Trimaran are there?

There are three basic styles of Trimaran that are defined by the configuration of the outrigger pontons to the main hull. They are...

  • Fixed - a fixed Trimaran has the center and two pontoons fixed into place
  • Folding - A folding or retractable Trimaran allows for the two outriggers to be folded in to reduce the width of the overall Trimaran to that of a typical monohull boat. This is ideal if you are using a marina.
  • De-mountable - De-mountable Trimarans allow for the removal of the outriggers and pontoons for transportation and storage.

One of the other distinctions between the types will be the nature of the decking. You can have:

  • Fixed decking - a fixed wood or fiberglass platform on the center of the hull.
  • Net decking - a suspended cargo-style netting for the sailor
  • Cabin - a full sailing cabin and associated decking for longer trips. This tends to be found on sea water Trimarans only.

Where can I use a Trimaran?

You can use a Trimaran anywhere that the size of the boat is designed to handle the type of water environment presented. There are Trimarans that are designed to cross the sea, take on open water and smaller lake and river sized boats. One of your main considerations will be how you will transport, berth or store your Trimaran.

What is the price range for new or used?

Trimarans are rare to find below several thousand dollars, new or used. This is a more complex boat than monohull sailboats and they also tend to be designed for more advanced recreational use so there are fewer introductory models available.

Are there any special requirements?

Check with your local recreation and licensing department to find out if your need to register your Trimaran in your area. Unless you have purchased one of the larger sea-going Trimarans, you may not need any additional certification.