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A sloop, often called a sailing sloop, is a small sailing vessel that has a limited number of sails. They have a wider beam that some sailboats and are shorter. The famous Bermuda is a type of sloop because it allows for the inset of a single mast. The Jamaican sloops, which is one of the other basic types gained its name mostly from originating in Jamaica but develop an identifiable narrow beam.

Where can I use a sloop?

Smaller sloops make excellent sailing vessels on freshwater, while the large ones can easily handle saltwater sailing. The larger the vessel and the number of sails that you carry are going to be what determines where you can use it. It is also important to note that sloops, unlike sailboats, rarely have any kind of covered portion to protect you from the elements. These are idea to learn on as the rigging is basic, and there are many styles of solo rigging available too.

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What types of sails can I have?

The main types of sails that are used with a sloop are the:

  • Foresail
  • Genoa
  • Spinnaker

There are other sails that you can add but that will depend on the mast setting your sloop is made to carry. Most of the mastheads are in the fore of the sloop, but some will also have a mid-sail arrangement. Many sloops also have oarlocks for still seas.

What requirements have to be met?

A sloop generally doesn`t have any protected areas on the boat which means that one of the most important things you will need to have is a sail protector to cover the sails when they are not in use. Sloops generally have to be registered, but you typically do not need a license for them. You also want to make sure that you have all of the appropriate rigging and safety equipment on board.

What is the price range and is new or used better?

A sloop can have a very broad price range and depending on the size and type of boat, buying it new or used is not going to make that much of a difference. While you want to make sure that the hull and mast are seaworthy, you want to make sure that the sails are always in good condition. Many people opt for a used sloop to be able to afford the size they want, then buy new sails and riggings for it.