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A sailing yacht is any privately owned sailboat that is over 12 meters in length and uses sails as its primary means of movement. Most sailing yacht boats also have backup or steerage engines. This is to help them manage getting in and out of marinas and ports where coming in under sail is not often allowed.

The engines are typically not large enough to sustain a voyage should there be no wind, but some have engines equivalent in power ratio to sail ration similar to a smaller motorsailer.

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1 Norfolk Broads Classic Sailing Yacht
Price : 584,52
Location: UK
2 FLIT comfortable bleeze frp big power sail yacht
Price : 28.000,00
Location: China (Mainland)
Status: paused
Price : 780.000,00
Location: Vessel Contry, Athens
4 Jaguar 22
Price : 2.864,13
Location: UK
5 Not using your yacht enough?
Price : 0,00
Location: UK

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What what types of sailing yachts can I choose?

There are a wide variety of sailing yachts. The first difference between them will be their overall length, then the depth of their keel and then the number of sails they can manage.

After that, they are then broken down into 9 classes:

  • Class 40
  • Farr 30
  • Farr 40
  • International Maxi Association
  • IMOCA 60 (aka Open 60 Monohull)
  • Swan 45
  • TP 52
  • X-35
  • X-41

The classifications refer to sail types, masts and overall length. Within each class type, there are also even more variations possible for a sailing yacht.

The perfect areas to operate a sailing yacht?

A sailing yacht is generally only used in very large freshwater bodies (such as the Great Lakes), or on the open sea. Many people will choose a sailing yacht for extended voyages because their cabin provisions and amenities make for a comfortable and safe trip.

Another consideration about where you can use a sailing yacht will come from the depth of the keel. As these are designed for longer voyages in deep waters, the keels are often too deep for shallow waters. Most sailing yachts are moored at marinas and removed from the water during the winter and stored in a shipyard.

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Important things to know

Sailing yachts have to be registered locally, and they may also require a special registration that will allow the country of origin to be identified from its registration numbers. Be mindful that if you are going on an extended voyage that visa rules will apply to you when you enter another countries water territory.

How much cash do I need for a sailing yacht with reasonable size?

You can expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a small, used sailing yacht that is in good condition. Most people must finance the purchase of anything larger.

Some high end sailing yacht boats are sold for millions as well.