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A motorsailer is a boat that is under 12 meters that is powered equally by sail or engine. The engine on board is not used solely for a port entry engine, but may be combined with sail power or used on open water if there is not enough wind to power the vessel.

Any motorsailer that exceeds 12 meters falls under the category of a powered yacht.

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1 Doriana of Torbay
Price : 23.322,16
Location: UK
2 Long range steel cruise motorsailer trawler for sale
Price : 160.000,00
Location: Latvia
Status: paused
Price : 0,00
Location: Turkey
Price : 0,00
Location: USA
Price : 28.641,25
Location: UK

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What types of motorsailers are there?

There are endless varieties to motorsailers available that differ by variations greater than just their size. You can get traditional sloops, john boats, skulls and sailboats that all qualify as a motorsailer.

There are usually two different compartments on a motorsailor ? one that acts as the personal cabin or equipment storage area, and the other that is reserved for the engine and fuel.

All of the motorsailers are going to have a keel and not a daggerboard or centerboard system.

What are the perfect waters for a motorsailer?

Where you can use a motorsailer is going to depend on much more than simply where you want to go and whether or not you can get the motorsailer there. While they can be used in larger fresh water bodies, many have restrictions about powered boats on their waters.

You will need to always check if you are permitted to use your motorsailer. Please note that opting to not run the engine may not be enough to satisfy a power ban, it may also ban the presence of oil and gas on a vessel.

Do i need to have a license?

In most areas, motorsailers must be registered with your boating license authority. They may also have to be registered with a harbor master, depending on the size of the motorsailer.

In some jurisdictions, depending on the size of the vessel and engine you may have to acquire a pilot or captain?s license or certification. There may also be requirements for liability insurance as well.

How much money do i need to buy a motorsailer?

Expect to pay several thousand dollars for a motorsailer even if it is used. There are very few ?budget? motorsailers around. On the bright side, most motorsailers will qualify for loans from financial institutions because they are a recognized motor vehicle.

You can also opt to rent a motorsailer before you buy so you can find out what size fits you and what size engine you can best handle too.