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A keelboat is a term used to define any type of sailing vessel that is less than 12 meters in length and uses a keel for steerage instead of a centerboard or dagger board.

The name is also used to apply to a very specific kind of canal working boat, but when you are looking for a keelboat, you will be looking for the recreational sailing variety.

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1 Ball Bearing Small Composite Cleat Line 3mm~10mm
Price : 1,00
Location: Taiwan
Status: paused
Price : 2.000,00
Location: China (Mainland)
Status: paused
Price : 1.753,54
Location: Ireland
4 The Psychology of Sailing for Dinghies and Keelboats: How to Develop a Winning Mindset by Brown, Ian
Price : 20,77
Location: United States
Status: paused
Price : 2.075,03
Location: UK

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What kind of keelboat do you want to own?

Keelboats can come in an amazing variety of styles and sailing set ups with their only identification of being a keelboat being the presence of the keel, as well as being small than 12 meters.

This means that a small sailing dinghy with a keel rudder is consider a keelboat in the same way that a double masted racing sailboat with a full keel would be. Anything that has a keel but is larger than 12 meters is considered to be a yacht.

Where can I use a keelboat?

You can use a keelboat in a variety of places; it will all depend on the size of the boat and the nature of your rigging. Keelboats can be small enough to use on a lake and large enough to take on the open sea.

Most of what will determine where you will be able to use your keelboat will come down to how you plan on transporting your keelboat to water. Some boats are even inflatable, foldable or modular while others will require mooring at a marina.

What requirements have to be met?

Check with your local authorities about whether your size keelboat needs to be registered. In some locations, all but inflatable boats under 5 feet must have a current registration number displayed on the side.

There are few keelboat types that will require any type of special licensing or certification to use in the water.

What is the normal price range for a new or used keelboat?

As just about any size boat with a keel and a sail can qualify as a keelboat, trying to identify a normal price range is almost impossible.

A decent small inflatable boat with a keel and sail can run several hundred dollars, while a racing keelboat can run several 10s of thousands. You can very often find used keelboats for sail at the beginning and end of the season. It may be better to rent several different styles until you find the one that truly suits you before buying.