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A kayak is a small one or two person boat that is engineless and it moved by using a double ended paddle. Many of them are constructed so you sit inside with your legs covered by either a hard shell or a tarp-style covering.

The purpose of this is to protect your legs from sea salt and to position your body low enough to provide for maximum power in your paddle stroke. There are many different kinds of kayaks, all designed for very different uses.

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Where can a kayak be used?

Depending on the type of kayak you chose you can use it anywhere from the open sea to a small mountain stream. The basic types of kayaks are:

  • Polo - these are designed specifically for playing a style of water polo.
  • Slalom - these are for those interested in water slalom events
  • Whitewater - these kayaks are extra rigid to allow for use through rapids
  • Surf - these kayaks are designed for going in the ocean, but not going too far from shore so you are always in the surf
  • Touring/expedition - these are meant to carry gear as well and come designed for open ocean
  • Light touring - also designed to carry gear, these are frequently shorter than expedition kayaks as they are meant to turn more
  • Sprint -these are racing kayaks designed for speed
  • Recreation - these are general use kayaks, suitable for surf or lake, but not open ocean or rapids.

Choosing the length and style

Kayaks also come in varying lengths. The longer your kayak is, the more it will move in a straight line when paddled. This is what you want if you plan on using it to cover distance. Shorter kayaks allow you to turn faster, which is ideal for surf and whitewater. Some of the styles you will see will also include a sit on top kayak. This is just meant to keep the kayaker from getting too hot.

What do I need to use a kayak?

You don`t need a license to use a kayak, but you will need a way to transport the kayak. Kayaks can be rigid and require a trailer, or they can collapse into a smaller unit. You will also need:

  • Helmet
  • Paddle
  • Life vest

New or used? What is price and difference?

The range of pricing for kayaks is mostly determined by their purpose. Recreation kayaks are the least expensive. You can get a good deal on a used kayak too, they wear well so it may be a better place to start to see if you like the sport.