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Get Amazing Balance And Terrific Speed With a Jetcat

Jet cat is a catamaran, which has been designed graciously with the use of two parallel hulls of the same size. Designing is the most interesting part in this inflatable surfing vessel as every section has a significant geometrical balance. The watercraft does not have a ballasted kneel and gets an accurate stability with the integration of a wide beam.

Usually you find a Jet cat very lighter in comparison with the watercrafts which have a mono hull. The lighter weight helps the catamaran to achieve a very high speed in a short fraction of a time. On the contrary, several customizations for making the sailing vessel lavish and radiant increase, the weight and the speed get affected.

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A Jetcat is a compact catamaran with a tough body made up of aluminium, stainless steel, carbon fibres, glass fibres and rubber joints on the edges. Plywood is also used on the outer surface to provide a smoother and elegant look. The sailing vessel has a tremendous weight and height ratio for attaining the perfect buoyancy proportion. The regular area remains 10 to 18 meters in the smaller designs. The bigger structures with a shelter for long distances have their area starting from 25 meters.


The smaller designs can achieve a superb speed of around 70 to 90kmph within a few seconds, on the other hand, bigger vessels limit them to 40 to 50kmph. Jet cats are famous for their high acceleration and stupendous stability in the different aquatic tournaments. The larger designs also perform better than Mega Yachts in context with their balance and maintenance.


Water racing is the best aquatic fun you can have with the smaller Jet cats. The catamaran is also used for the different naval presentations. Rescue operations and shore to shore commutation with military articles is also done. Bigger Jetcats are used for inter-island visits and other recreational activities. Express Jetcats with over 30 meters in area are famous for private boat parties and New Year celebrations.


Jet cat assures safety and numerous modern amenities. GPS, power steering, auto start, auto sheltering, remote locking and many other modern traits make the watercraft an amazing aquatic sports machine. Express Jet cat is a stupendous mode of water traveling with almost everything you find in a luxurious property.

You ought to experience this magnificent vessel and the sailing might turn out the best aquatic excitement of your life.