Inflatable Dinghy for Sale – New and Used Dinghies

Inflatable Dinghies - What to know?

If water sports are your favorite way to spend some leisure time, owning an inflatable dinghy can be one of your best decisions.

Inflatable dinghies, among all types of boats available for recreational purposes, are the most affordable option for individuals who like to have some fun on the water alone or with a few friends.


If you are looking to purchase an inflatable dinghy for your leisure, here is a buying guide that can help you pick the best dingy.

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Things to Consider When Buying an Inflatable Dinghy

Before you purchase a dinghy, you need to consider how you intend to use it. Based on this you will be able to select the specifications of the boat. The most important considerations you need to make include:

  • The number of passengers that will use the dinghy
  • The amount of gear that will be carried
  • Will there be any bulky supplies or equipment to carry?
  • How do you intend to use the boat; for sports, fishing, diving, hunting, charter etc.
  • What kind of conditions will it be exposed to like weather, UV rays etc.
  • Do you have the proper storage and maintenance solutions available?

Types of Inflatable Dinghies

There are four main types of inflatable dinghies are available in the market, including:

Rigid Inflatable

As a sport boat, rigid inflatable dinghies offer the best performance and stability. They are lighter than traditional power boats which allows them to perform better while using a smaller engine. In terms of maintenance, they are extremely beneficial too since they require little maintenance throughout their life.

Performance Rigid Roll Up

If you need an inflatable dinghy that can be stored in a small place, performance rigid roll up is what you need. You can roll up and store this dinghy while the floor system is still inside. This makes it easier for you to inflate the boat anywhere easily. The full length floor of these dinghies also offers the flexibility of adding an inflatable keel when needed.


Available with floorboards, these dinghies have a rigid floor system that is typically made of wood. This increases the maintenance requirements and assembling time for these dinghies as the floorboards need to be removed and installed every time the boat is used. The horsepower accepted by these dinghies is usually higher than that of roll ups but not as much as the rigid inflatables.

Flat Bottom

While these dinghies offer easy assembly and storage, they are not the best option to go for. Standing up in these boats is extremely difficult as they are highly unstable due to the absence of a keel. The lack of a keel also affects their performance negatively to a large extent.

Which Material Is Best for Inflatable Dinghies

Typically, there are three layers to an inflatable dinghy. A fabric is coated on both sides with different reinforcing materials. The first layer is added to provide protection to the boat against outer damage, the middle layer is the main strength of the boat, and the last layer ensures that the seams are bonded well and the boat remains airtight.

Hypalon or PVC for the Outer and Inner Layer?

Hypalon is a tough synthetic rubber material that provides the best protection against UV rays, extreme temperature, oils and gasoline. It also offers high resistance against punctures and abrasions. However, this material is expensive and needs to be hand-glued in a humidity controlled environment to deliver high performance. PVC, on the other hand, is much cheaper and easy to weld. However, it will get affected by UV rays and chemicals like gasoline and oil a lot more the Hypalon.

Polyester or Nylon for the Middle Layer?

For the middle layer of inflatable dinghies, polyester reinforcements are considered to be the more beneficial option of the two. Even though it is slightly more expensive than nylon, its resistance to stretch allows it to form a uniform shape, giving it more stability and performance capability. Also, it has higher tensile strength that ensures that the shape of dinghies, especially the roll ups, is retained for long without punctures. With nylon, the complaints about instable structure are quite common.

Other Design Features to Consider

There are several other design features that should also be assessed carefully when selecting an inflatable dinghy. These include:

Interior Space

The length of inflatable dinghies is usually measured tip to tip. Therefore, boats with a longer cone at the rear might measure more but they won’t necessarily have more interior space. Interior space is measured in square feet and is an important specification to be considered when buying an inflatable dinghy.

Inflatable Keel

The keel provides your dinghy with more stability and speed when changing directions, reducing the leeway to drift. A keel is a necessary addition to collapsible and roll up dinghies.


Tubes increase the buoyancy of the dinghy, creating higher stability and allowing more payloads. They also help keep the boat water-free as much as possible. The larger the tubes are, the better it will be since they will create more depth and spacing inside a dinghy.

Buying an Inflatable Dinghy – The Best Options

You can buy both used and new inflatable dinghies in the market at extremely low prices. However, in case of inflatable dinghies, new ones are probably a better option. Used boats might be damaged or punctured in a way that doesn’t become apparent at inspection. However, there are some users who offer a warranty on used inflatable dinghies so that you can check them to your satisfaction. New inflatable dinghies bought from good dealers often come with a warranty so they might be worth the additional money if you can afford it.