How to Sell Your Boat Online Most Efficiently on

At, we make it extremely easy for you to sell a boat online by providing you access to hundreds of buyers.

Coming to our platform and putting up your boat for sale here is a simple process that you can complete within a few minutes if you have all the necessary requirements fulfilled beforehand.

However, purchasing a boat is a big investment for buyers and requires all the right information and proof to support the purchase decision. Similarly, selling a boat requires due diligence also.

So, to help you put your boat on the market in the best way possible, here is a guide that will help you learn how to sell a boat online.

1. Preparing Your Boat for the Sale

Before you start with the advertising aspect of the sale, the first thing you need to do is to make sure your boat is in good condition by fixing it up. This cannot only improve the performance of your boat but can also get you a better value for your investment.

Little quirks in your boat that you didn’t bother with over the years are going to bring down the sale value of your boat significantly. So first, try to fix any issues that are weighing down the performance and look of your boat. Whether it’s a loose handrail or a light that doesn’t work, get it in working condition before the buyer comes to see the boat.

Next, de-clutter the boat by removing all the items you have placed in it, leaving it completely empty.

This will not only make your boat look more spacious but will also eliminate any confusion about what you are offering for sale along with the boat. Lastly, give a nice deep clean to your boat, polishing up the surface to give it a brand new look. Once your boat is in a perfect condition and completely functional, you can start with the advertising to sell a boat online.

2. Taking Quality Boat Pictures for Your Ad

In order to create an impressive ad to sell a boat online, one of the most important things to do is taking the right pictures of the boat. Since the purpose of the pictures is to show the boat and not the scene around, try to take a close shot of the boat that includes the entire hull. However, if you have a sailboat, you can ignore getting the whole height of the mast into the frame.

As for the best time to take the pictures, you should get them in early sunny mornings or in the late afternoon when the light is bright enough to get some good shots.

The right way to take a picture of your boat.
The wrong way to take a picture of your boat.

Moreover, while you are at it, make sure you get a lot of pictures from all different angles so that you capture all the important details. To create an even better impact, you can take the photo of the boat underway instead of showing it at a standstill. If you are using photos of a sistership, make sure they are not copyrighted and you have the permission to use them.

You can also get a professional photographer to handle the task for you if you are not sure about your photography skills. Remember, showing your boat in the best way possible is extremely important to sell a boat online.

3. Creating the Description for Your Boat Ad

Along with the pictures, a very powerful description is also required to make your ad work for customers. However, the description you add should include all the necessary information that buyers are looking for and must be compelling if you want to sell a boat online.

First, you should provide as many specs about the boat as possible. To learn about the necessary specs, go through some other ads on the site so you can get an idea of what you should include.

Typical specs include boat class, model, material, hull design etc. After boat specifications, add engine specs and fuel capacity. Then you need to add details of any other modifications that you have made to the boat. To make your ad more effective, add all this information in separate bullet points and let someone else read through your description before posting it online.

4. Paperwork Required to Sell a Boat Online

Another important aspect that you will have to handle when selling your boat, no matter what type it is, is dealing with the paperwork involved.

To get the right idea of what paperwork is essential for the sale, you should get in touch with the State Department of Motor Vehicles so that you can get the complete accurate list of what you need.

Some of the documents that are necessary for every boat sale include the bill of sale, the document verifying the change in ownership of boat titles which is issued by the state, proof that you have paid off all loans on the boat, warranty cards, maintenance records, insurance paperwork and registration documents of trailer if you have one on your boat.

5. How to Determine the Right Price for Your Boat?

The right price can make or break your deal with the buyer when you sell a boat online. Therefore, quoting the right price in the beginning is extremely important if you want to sell your boat in good time.

To determine the right price of your boat, you need to do some market research, finding out what the average is of similar boats. You can also look at the blue book but these prices are usually very general, not taking into account any maintenance work or upgrades done or not done to the boat since it was purchased. If you want, you can also get a professional valuator to help you determine the right value of your boat.

6. Dealing with the Offers

Make sure you include both your email address and your phone number as a part of your contact details so that interested buyers can get in touch with you as quickly as possible. Most commonly, people will get in touch with you to gather more information about the boat’s condition, ask for more pictures, to check if you are the real owner or dealer, to see whether the boat is used in saltwater or fresh water, to ask about viewing the boat, and to learn about delivery methods.

Payment methods usually come up later when the deal is getting finalized. To determine whether the buyer is serious about the purchase or not, don’t hesitate to ask them questions in return, asking them how they intend to use the boat and how soon they want to close the deal.

However, maintain a polite and business-like tone throughout the conversation to keep the deal completely formal.

Following this guide can be very handy for you when you want to sell a boat online on Just follow these steps and you will reach the hundreds of thousands of interested buyers within minutes to offer them what you have to sell.