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Ships for sale cannot be compared with vehicles, the ad of which can be placed on the window of the grocery store or in the newspaper.

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You can’t just get up from your home and decide to visit the ship which belongs to the man in the next street like you would do with a car. Ships are parked at the dock and usually that is far away so you need to be sure of all the potential prospects so that you can inspect them all together.

After browsing through our website, you will be amazed to see just how many ships for sale are available. We have taken the time to elaborately categorize all vessels for sale and organize them in our database.

There are vessels for sale here, which are primarily used for shipping cargo or livestock and then there are the cruisers and ferries.

What are the primary features for your new ship?

You will certainly be able to find all kinds of ships for sale at our website. The price, size, purpose and the load that they can carry, have all been mentioned and through the images, you will get a fair idea of their condition.

List of Offers

Features Categories
Onavis Offers
Price : 1.500.000,00
Location: Bermuda
Status: new
Price : 0,00
Location: Monaco
Status: new
Price : 0,00
Location: New Zealand
Status: new
Price : 0,00
Location: U.A.E.
Status: new

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