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Turn your dream of owning a boat into reality today

Have you been keen on buying a boat of your very own but were scared of the amount of money it could cost you?

Do you want to sell your old boat because you have set your eyes on something higher? Are you looking for an easy solution for both buying and selling a used boat?

If your answers to the above questions are in affirmative, then you have dropped by the right place because here, we facilitate the purchase and sale of new and used boats.

Become a captain of a new boat today

Besides owning a fabulous car, the next milestone for most guys is purchasing a boat or a vessel of some kind and therefore they keep their eyes open for boats for sale.

Usually new boats for sale can cost a fortune and is quite difficult to attain but not here, because here we try to make the impossible possible for you. Not only do we cater for new boats, we also supply the opportunity to sell and buy old and used boats.

However, used boats for sale are not necessarily rusted or broken; they can be made anew with a little bit of attention.

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Price : 1.500.000,00
Location: Bermuda
Status: new
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Location: U.A.E.
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What Makes Us Different?

Amongst our competitors, we are the only ones who endeavour to make this whole experience easier for you. We have an organized database which makes it easier for you to select a vessel from the various boats for sale based on their condition, their age, their price, their size and the room that they have to offer.

But that is still not all; Onavis matches buyers and sellers for boats so we have extended listings with boats for sale. Advanced search technology provides well defined searches so it is easy as 1 2 3 to find the perfect boat for your needs.

Why you want to use Onavis to buy or sell your boat?

It’s true you can pick up the local papers and search for ‘boats for sale’ ad in them but would that really be a more convenient option? From the various sellers, we have collected images and information of all boats for sale so that you don’t have to travel to each different place to check out the boats.

Simply submit your boat listing online

Similarly, if you want to offer your own boat for sale, just contact us and we will be happy to accept your listing and promote it on our website. Placing an ad in the local newspaper wouldn’t cost much perhaps but there is not a good chance of actually making a transaction through it.

So why wait for buyers when you can simply come to us and find the perfect buyer for your used and old boat here? Chances are high you will be rid of your boat in no time ready to purchase another one.

So if you have a vessel for sale or are looking for a boar for sale, you don’t need to go far from your house, just browse our website to find your perfect deal today.